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Basyntan AN > plus
Basyntan DLE White tanning agents and retanning agents for chrome-tanned leathers. Basyntan DLE and Basyntan DLE-T are extremely versatile retanning agents. Their very pale pigmentation makes them suitable for all types of lightfast leathers and white leathers. Leathers respond very well to dyeing, and brilliant, level shades can be obtained. > plus
Basyntan FC Synthetic auxiliary tanning agent which enhances the performance of vegetable tanning agents and chrome tanning agents in tanning and retanning processes. It is also very effective for neutralizing chrome-tanned leathers. > plus
Lipoderm Liquor SA Anionic fatliquor for leather and fur. It is a synthetic fatliquor with a high fastness profile, that can be used universally. For fatliquoring, Lipoderm Liquor SA can be combined not only with other anionic fatliquors, but also with Lipoderm Oil N1 or natural oils. Furthermore, it can also be used as anionic component in combination fatliquors. > plus





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