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Bascal S (see Decaltal Pic S) Le nom du produit a été changé pour Decaltal Pic S. Pour obtenir l’information du produit s'il vous plaît référer à Decaltal Pic S. > plus
Decaltal Pic S (formerly Bascal S) Auxiliary for the leather and fur industries. It can be used as a deliming agent and pickle acid for the leather industry and as a soaking and pickling auxiliary for the dressing of fur skins. In the production of leather, Decaltal Pic S is chiefly used in conjunction with other deliming agents to intensify their effect, so that quicker penetration is achieved and pelts are delimed more evenly throughout the cross-section. The product also removes lime blasts. In addition, it is suitable for use as a pickle acid in short floats before chrome tannage. In dressing fur skins, Decaltal Pic S is used in the soaking bath to counteract hairslip and in pickling to achieve light and soft skins. > plus





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