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Product Name Product Description Language
Albigen A 60 (see Albigen A New) This product name has been changed to Albigen A New. For product information please refer to Albigen A New.
Canada English: open
Canada French: open
Albigen A New (formerly Albigen A 60) Dye-affinitive stripping and levelling agent. It is used as a stripping agent for dyeings obtained with vat, sulfur, reactive and direct dyes. Albigen A New is also used for lightening the shade of dyeings and prints produced with direct dyes. It is also used to prevent the ground from being stained when prints produced with direct and reactive dyes are washed off and as a levelling agent in dyeing with vat and direct dyes.
Canada English: none
Canada French: none
Astacin Matting LV TF Auxiliary for leather finishing. AstacinĀ® Matting LV TF is a matt polyurethane-based polymer dispersion for use in aqueous top coats, free of NMP and with an extremely low content of VOC (volatile organic compounds). AstacinĀ® Matting LV TF is recommended for finishing all types of leather, especially NMP-free automotive leathers that are expected to be very flexible at low temperatures and have a very elegant appearance.
Canada English: open
Canada French: open
Astacin Matting NB-LV TF
Canada English: open
Canada French: open





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