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Densotan A

Special polymer used in retannages. Densotan A is a novel type of polymer that is mainly applied to the leather at the neutralization and retanning stages. It is very versatile, and it can be used to reduce the time required to retan leather and the consumption of chemicals in the retanning process. Densotan A is lightfast, heat-resistant and particularly effective in the production of water-resistant leathers. > more
Relugan RV

Synthetic retanning agent. In retannages applied to chrome-tanned leather, ReluganĀ® RV enhances the fullness of the handle and the tightness of the grain. In vegetable tannages, ReluganĀ® RV promotes the penetration of the tan- ning agents through the leather and enhances its fullness and lightfastness. ReluganĀ® RV is particularly recommended for use on shoe upper leather, bag leather and belt leather. > more





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